Visual story-telling through portrait films

on October 29, 2016

The power of video goes beyond its ability to show moving image, captured as the eye would see it. It has the power to engage, captivate and inspire. Visual story-telling is the art of using moving image to achieve this.

I recently completed a project with International Charisma Expert, Nikki Owen. Her alternative approach into leadership training is hugely successful and when she originally approached me, her brief was simple; to make a promotional film which brings out her natural charisma and passion for her work. From the word go I knew we needed a powerful visual story to encompass the concept of her work, keeping the content succinct and to-the-point; this was a great opportunity to produce a portrait film.

We used her concept of ‘The Big Apple Experiment’ as a visual hook, which involved filming Nikki picking apples on a beautiful, bright autumn morning. We filmed a short interview at Nikki’s home to describe her approach and the essence of her work – this gave us a powerful narrative which would become the core of the film. Further cutaways were filmed to help our audience visualise the concept. The post-production work was very efficient, and we were able to turn around this film in less than ten days from concept to delivery. Needless to say, Nikki was thrilled with the results, especially as we were able to complete the project in time for her upcoming brand launch.

Portrait films are an alternative to a traditional sales video, which not only make the content more engaging for the audience to watch, but a lot more fun for us to make too! If you have a story to tell, get in touch and see how we could make your message into a powerful and engaging film.

santiagoVisual story-telling through portrait films