Make the most of Facebook video

on November 5, 2016

Video content is the key tool for businesses, organisations, artists and just about anyone who is looking to spread a message using Facebook. The reasons for this are far and wide and have been written a thousand times over. However, video content only really flourishes once it has been properly optimised. You see, having a video produced and not using it properly is a bit like buying a £100,000 Ferrari and only using it to do the school run.

Over recent months, I have seen many organisations and even music artists waste their valuable resources when it comes to posting on Facebook.

Working alongside Facebook Advertising Specialist, Dale Nash, I have written this guide to help my clients – and anyone else who is interested in getting their videos seen – better reach their audiences through video content on Facebook. It’s not rocket science and it doesn’t take long to do, but these simple steps will ensure your video is reaching your audience.

  1. Upload the video file directly to Facebook – avoid using YouTube, Vimeo or any other external player. While it is a good idea to upload to YouTube to improve online search visibility and Vimeo to embed on your website, in order to display your video on Facebook, always upload a separate copy directly to Facebook. Why? Facebook will do anything to keep people on Facebook and not heading off to other sites, so show them you’re willing play ball by keeping your fans on your page and they will reward you handsomely!

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2. Upload a custom thumbnail or poster frame to your video – Once you upload your video file, Facebook will give you the option to upload your own image. I will always supply this with your video file, but if you don’t have it, ask your video editor/supplier for this or create one yourself by taking a screenshot and cropping it to show just the video – a carefully chosen still frame from the video will make your video post on Facebook look much better and dramatically help with your CTR (Click-through-rate) showing Facebook that people are engaging with your content.

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3. Write an adequate title for your video  – Preferably something that will entice your audience to stop scrolling down and stick around to watch the first few seconds of your video.

4. Tell a story with your post – Try to avoid simply posting – here is our new video. There is always a story behind what you are posting, give your audience something to be interested in and they might just stick around to watch the first few seconds of your video.

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5. Use tags (and make sure your tags are working) – If you are tagging people – and it is a good idea to tag as many suppliers, collaborators, etc. as possible, this is will ensure your video is not only seen by your followers but also followers of the accounts you are tagging in – make sure that your tag actually links through to their page. Sometimes Facebook won’t pick up your tag. It helps to type ‘@’ before you type their name, then the list will appear and you select your chosen account to tag.

Additionally, since writing this post I have discovered another important point:

6. Make sure your videos are playing in HD – unless you have set your page to do so, your audience will not automatically be watching your content in HD. To make sure your page is set correctly, go to ‘settings’ under your personal page, and go to the ‘videos’ tab, here you will find the option to automatically play videos in HD – this will apply the setting to all your videos posted on your personal page and business pages.

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These simple steps will go a long way to get your video on Facebook news feeds, gaining more likes, shares and engagement. Follow us on Facebook for more helpful insights into the world of video marketing, and how you can use video to improve your marketing. Whether you are a large business or a small-time band, these are the things that will truly make a difference to your marketing efforts.


santiagoMake the most of Facebook video