Telling a story through an event highlights film

on May 15, 2017

Over the last five years as a commercial filmmaker, I have filmed a countless number of events, from beer pong championships, to roundtable events and business exhibitions. Our approach to capturing an event is simple but effective – it has to tell a story.

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santiagoTelling a story through an event highlights film

5 excellent ways to use an event video

on April 24, 2017

The benefits of online video are often talked about, with organisations and businesses slowly but surely coming to terms with the fact that they should be using video in their marketing strategy. That said, there are still many that are investing in video, but then doing very little (if anything at all) with it. As a commercial filmmaker, the greatest fulfilment and job satisfaction comes from when a client shares a success story about one of their videos – only then can I be sure that it really has ‘worked’.

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santiago5 excellent ways to use an event video

Make the most of Facebook video

on November 5, 2016

Video content is the key tool for businesses, organisations, artists and just about anyone who is looking to spread a message using Facebook. The reasons for this are far and wide and have been written a thousand times over. However, video content only really flourishes once it has been properly optimised. You see, having a video produced and not using it properly is a bit like buying a £100,000 Ferrari and only using it to do the school run.

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santiagoMake the most of Facebook video